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Giving Voice to Vocalists

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Here you will find more information about the Trusted Alliance organization, what we do, and why we are asking for your financial help.


There is also a Donation Link at the bottom of this page that will make it possible for you to donate to TA directly and quickly.

Trusted Alliance, Inc. comprises 4 components:  University master classes, a monthly podcast, digital Aria Preparation Companions and a one-week,
intensive workshop in Viterbo, Italy

University Masterclasses

Trusted Alliance master classes are led by Maestro Nyela Basney and focus on the “synergy”, the musical collaboration, between conductor and singer. Over the years, as Nyela has conducted young vocal artists during festivals, master classes and concerts she has experienced firsthand how confusing and sometimes disheartening they find working with a conductor can be. In response to this observation, she founded Trusted Alliance, Inc. in 2017 as a way to help vocalists gain confidence in their work with conductors and to provide a safe place for them to ask questions about their experiences singing with conductors. Since then, industry professionals who have observed TA master classes have affirmed that the TA conversation helps develop an essential and, up to this point, relatively unaddressed skill that young vocal artists, coaches and conductors need in order to negotiate the first 20 years of their professional lives.

Trusted Alliance university master classes have taken Maestro Basney to Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and New York, and (online) to South Africa. In the classes, Miss Basney conducts vocal artists as they sing, offering tips on how to demonstrate awareness of a conductor's priorities in auditions, how to feel comfortable and empowered when collaborating with different types of conductors and how to have confidence that their musical and artistic intentions are clear.  Each class includes time for participants to ask questions about working with conductors in a safe environment where honesty and authenticity are honored.

Monthly Podcast 

"Music in the Moment", Trusted Alliance's monthly podcast, has drawn attention from singers, conductors and educators alike.  Recent guests have included Director, Performer and Dramatic Coach Susan Payne O'Brien, Mezzo-soprano and Apollos' Fire performer Raquel Winnica Young and NYC Conductor, Coach and Pianist William Hicks. Guests share insights from their singing and conducting careers and talk about artists who have inspired them and from whom they have learned valuable lessons.

Aria Preparation Companions

Trusted Alliance Aria Preparation Companions are digital documents which provide singers with practical information and strategies about how to prepare an aria with a future collaboration with a conductor in mind. The document includes annotated piano vocal and orchestra scores of the specific aria, an analysis of moments in the aria when singers will want to be prepared to pay special attention to a conductor and/or listen intently to certain instruments in the orchestra.

Learn more about Aria Preparation Companions here.

Intensive workshop in Viterbo, Italy

In late 2024, Trusted Alliance will launch an annual 1-week, low tuition cost, intensive professional workshop for advanced young vocal artists (in Viterbo, Italy) where they will receive daily coaching from Maestro Basney, attend daily master classes focused on the synergy between conductor and singer, and make professionally recorded videos with the full professional orchestra. The vocalists will also "experiment" while singing with a piano and small orchestral ensemble, to gain confidence in the collaboration, and rehearse and perform at the final gala concert where some will have the opportunity to also record the world premiere of a short opera composed by young opera conductors.    YOUR HELP IS ESSENTIAL In 2024, Trusted Alliance plans to expand its university master class outreach to include 10 master classes outside of Chicago plus 3-4 within Chicago. Travel is expensive and some universities do not have the resources to offer an honorarium and also pay for travel expenses. Your gift will help make the travel and educational opportunity possible.

Why now?

Trusted Alliance not only encompasses the specifics of singing with an orchestra, but also addresses questions of empowerment, equality and non-hierarchical relationships in the opera business, questions whose answers bring more authenticity and trust to the artistic community, the stage and to the audience.


Help Trusted Alliance enable the next
generation's Opera Singers.

2024 is a crucial year for our young organization as we strengthen our financial foundation and expand the opportunities we can offer young artists. With this in mind, for 2024 only, please consider making a 2-year donation by checking one of the boxes, below:

TA is a 501(c)(3) charity. Your donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your donation!

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